Delivery throughout whole summer / trees in container

Delivery throughout whole summer / trees in container and plant bag

We can offer you a large part of our range of shaped and multi-stemmed trees in container and plant bag. The advantage of these container- and plant bag trees is that they can be planted all year round. One does not have to wait until the leaves of the trees have fallen, which offers the possibility to complete a project in its entirety immediately. The trees are potted in containers, airpot or plant bag and are fully rooted when they will be delivered to the customer.

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Trees with coconut rootball

In commission we can also prepare the rootballs of the trees with a coconut fibre. Instead of the jute, which breaks down in a short time, the root ball is wrapped with a coconut flap. This does not break off so quickly and the roots of the trees grow steadily further in the coco peat. The advantage of the coconut rootball is that the planting season can be extended until the months of May, June and July. The surcharge of a coconut rootball is small.

If you prefer the coconut wrap packaging, we ask you to inform us of this, preferably before or during the harvesting season.